#WacoisBlessed with...Carol!

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Meet Carol (in the green shirt), one of the lucky recipients of a new couch from Interior Glow during our #WacoisBlessed Contest in December. She was nominated by not one, but two family members who wrote in to tell us just how deserving Carol was of this new couch!

While there were many amazing things said about Carol in the letters we received, there were several stories that really helped illuminate how Carol is - and steadfastly continues to be - a light in the lives of those around her. For example, Carol has adopted multiple generations of children in her family...she stays at home and cares for her granddaughters (who live with her), along with five more kids that she cares for everyday after school until their parents get off work...and she has never purchased any new furniture (in fact, we were told that she has the same furniture today as when her kids were babies)!

Because Carol has given so much to so many people, never asks for anything or expects anything in return, and is still taking care of other people to this day, we at Interior Glow felt that Carol was indeed a BRIGHT LIGHT deserving of a new couch.

When we arrived to deliver her couch, Carol was exactly where we imagined she would be - surrounded by children! It was the last day of Christmas break, before the kids went back to school. From the first moment, it was obvious what an amazing heart Carol has for her children and her family. Throughout our visit, there was a lot of laughter...and a few tears.  


Congrats to Carol and her family on their new couch. Waco is TRULY blessed to have you and your family among us! 

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