#WacoisBlessed with...Stevie!

Posted by Alejandra Evans on

Here's another edition of #WacoisBlessed! This week, we introduce you to Stevie...

Let us first start by saying this: We love the heart of a veteran and so respect the men and women who sacrifice themselves to protect Stevie.  

Our visit with Stevie and Sharon was simply awesome. We laughed most of the time, and we were so blown away by their gratitude and humility.

Sharon shared with us that her newspaper subscription was re-instated the day our article came out in the Waco Trib. WOW! That means - if they article had been published a day earlier, she wouldn’t even have seen the notice to submit a nomination, which she ultimately did for Stevie. Everything happens for a reason. :)

Cheers to Stevie - thank you for being one of Waco's finest!

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